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Tamin Village is a green paradise in the desert

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The existence of rural areas as a destination for tourism may not be very attractive but some villages, such as Tamin, should be considered unique.

The special structure that you see in Tamin village is only for this village and there is no example of it anywhere else.

You can see the village of Tamin in a town called Taftan near Taftan Mountain in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The village is located on a peak, so the climate is very good.

Tamin Village
Tamin Village

In Tamin village, you can get rid of the unbearable heat of summer, so the best season to visit this village will be in the summer season. In addition, there are springs that are completely current in this village and may be one of the reasons for the cool climate of this region. In some cases, due to drought, the water of these springs may be depleted. Mineral springs in the village of Tamin, which can be referred to the water spring of Musa, has its own fans due to the palatability of the water and its health.

Mineral Springs In The Village Of Tamin
Mineral springs in the village of Tamin

In the Tamin village, in addition to tourist attractions, you will be able to use a variety of fresh fruits and agricultural products of this village for a very limited time and take them to your city as a souvenir. There is a kind of almond in this village, also Gaz and even mountain fig are recommended as souvenirs. The taste of these freshly arranged products is very pleasant.

Tamin Vilage In Sistan And Baluchestan
Tamin vilage in sistan and Baluchestan

Places that are mentioned in this village as tourist destinations, such as Tamin Castle, which, of course, has lost its original and beautiful appearance due to climate change. This castle with an area of about 3000 square meters and a height of 25 meters above the level of Central Tamin Valley, is located on a high cliff and in its construction, native materials of stone and clay have been used. Tamin Castle is about 250 years old. At present, only the walls of the northern part and about 500 square meters of its interior space remain.

In the village of Tamin, the people of the past had priorities in terms of worship. Special places for worshipers were also designed, which is called Chelekhaneh. That is, the person experienced sincerity in this place for forty days and did not have much food to eat. He only worshiped his god and was free from this world. Tamin Cemetery, which always has a special charm due to the special shape in the design of graves.

Tamin Cemetery
Tamin Cemetery

Seeing such an atmosphere up close can have its own charm.


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