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17 Shahrivar Hospital in Rasht city


17 Shahrivar Hospital in Rasht city is one of the Specialist hospitals in the field of children in Gilan province, which was opened in 2015 and is equipped with advanced equipment in the field of treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

17 Shahrivar Hospital In Rasht City
17 Shahrivar Hospital in Rasht city

The hospital has various departments, including the pediatric emergency department, NICU, infectious department, pediatric dialysis, outpatient treatment, thalassemia, and more.

Preclinical department

The Paraclinical department of this hospital provides imaging services, a pharmacy, an endoscopy unit and an electroencephalogram.


The Nursing Department Of This Hospital
The nursing department of this hospital

The clinic of 17 Shahrivar Specialist hospital includes sub-specialized clinics of nephrology, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological, neonatal and infectious.

What is the telephone number of 17 Shahrivar Hospital?

013-33369044 and 013-33369019 and 013-33369026

Where is the address of 17 Shahrivar Hospital?

Namjoo St., Shahid Siadati St, Rasht city.

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