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Abkenar in Gilan

About Abkenar

Abkenar village and pond is one of the environs of Anzali city in Gilan province, where many tourists travel every year to visit the beautiful nature of this village. The path leading to Abkenar is a very beautiful path that will fascinate you.

This village is considered as one of the largest villages in Gilan with such a distance.

When you cross the green tunnel and enter the Abkenar, the beautiful pond attracts your eye more than anything else.

There are some boats in this place, so that tourists can easily explore this lagoon. Perhaps you may be wondering why we got on a motorboat but are moving with a paddle? The answer to your question is that at the beginning of the pond, the water depth is shallow, so it is useless to start the engine. Just a little bit away from the edge of the pond, there is a good depth to start the engine.

Boats In This Pond
Boats in this pond

The scenery around the pond is so spectacular that you will not get tired of watching them. On the way you travel by motorboat, you may have seen several stopped boats on the water. The people in these boats have come there and are fishing because of the complete silence in the middle of the pond.

In this pond, you will reach an area that is all green. The reason for this greenness in the water is the presence of lotus or in the local language “sea bean”. Lotus flowers grow in spring and May, and the flowers need 15 days to fully open.

Birds In Abkenar Lagoon
Birds in Abkenar Lagoon

This pond welcomes many migratory birds in winter and summer, who choose this beautiful pond for their moments to relieve their fatigue and hunger.

Where is the address of Abkenar?

Abkenar village is located in the northwest of Bandar Anzali city with a distance of 38 km.

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