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Al-Zahra Hospital in Rasht city

Al-Zahra Hospital in Rasht often deals with childbirth and gynecological diseases and offers various services as follows:

Paraclinical services

Laboratory – Radiology – Pharmacy – Ultrasound.

Sections of Al-Zahra Hospital

Al-Zahra Hospital In Rasht City
Al-Zahra Hospital in Rasht city

Premature neonates (premature infants and infants in need of hospital care), Birth Vaccination Unit, ICU, NICU, section 1 (non-pregnant emergency, oncology and infertility), section 2 (patients and gynecological surgery), section 3 (mother and infant cesarean section).

Operating rooms

Operating room unit, recovery unit and IVF unit.


Al-Zahra Hospita
Al-Zahra Hospita

Provides various services in the fields of emergency, urology, infertility, internal medicine, genetics, gynecology, prenatal, anesthesia, and family planning and so on.

What is the telephone number of Al-Zahra Hospital?


Where is the address of Al-Zahra Hospital?

Najafi Blvd, Rasht city.

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