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Heshmat Hospital in Rasht city


Heshmat Hospital in Rasht city is one of the specialized hospitals for the treatment of diseases and symptoms related to coronary heart disease in Gilan province. In addition to advanced equipment for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, this hospital is also equipped with a variety of equipment for the diagnosis of heart disease.

Heshmat Hospital
Heshmat Hospital

This hospital is located next to Shafa Hospital in Rasht.

Specialized heart clinic

Heshmat Training And Treatment Center
Heshmat Training and Treatment Center

Cardiac Clinic – Electro philology – Angiography and Catheterization – Pediatric Heart – Cardiac Surgery – Nuclear Medicine.

Non-invasive part of the heart

Heshmat Hospital In Rasht
Heshmat Hospital in Rasht

Echocardiography – Exercise Test – Halter Monitoring – Pacemaker Analysis.

Inpatient sections

Ccu Section In Heshmat Hospital In Rasht City
CCU Section in Heshmat hospital in Rasht city

Emergency – Heart – Open heart surgery – Pediatric heart – Electrophysiology of the heart – CCU.

What is the telephone number of Heshmat hospital?


Where is the address of Heshmat hospital?

15 Khordad St, Rasht city.

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