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Khur Salt Lake

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There are usually many desert areas around Isfahan, but you can see one of the most beautiful examples in the Khur Salt Lake.

The Khur Salt Lake is placed on another lake, which we can know this naming because of its different nature. When you look at the Khur Salt Lake, you will notice that the very regular geometric shape around it indicates the existence of a geological phenomenon that you can see up close.

The lake you see in this place is known as Khor Lake among the locals and everyone knows that this lake is located in the middle of a desert.

The route related to this lake is a very pleasant route that you can even go to this place by car.

Car In Khur Salt Lake In Isfahan
Car in Khur Salt Lake in Isfahan

From the practical point of view, this lake has a high value because the existence of special minerals can be considered as examples.

The grounds in some parts of the lake are completely swollen, which means that if you lie on them, you will go inside and create a very beautiful scene for capturing images. So get your camera ready.

In this lake, especially around it, the lands that have shapes and are quite regular can be remembered as polygons. If you see them in summer, the corresponding color can be seen in white. These beautiful fractures around the lake are due to temperature changes that occur at night and day.

Khur Salt Lake In Iran
Khur Salt Lake in Iran

Unfortunately, in terms of accommodation, you have very little access to a hotel or eco-lodge, because this area does not have the right conditions to build such spaces. So one of the best things you can do is stay in the nearest cities around the lake in Isfahan so you can get to the lake early in the morning and see its beauty.


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