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Pars Hospital in Rasht city


Pars Hospital in Rasht city is one of the most advanced and private hospitals in Gilan province. Many famous Gilani doctors are shareholders of this hospital.

Room In Pars Hospital In Rasht City
Room in Pars Hospital in Rasht city

Sections of Pars Hospital

This hospital has different departments, which we introduce, each of them:


Emergency rooms include the following:

Triage room: Equipped with portable monitoring devices, ECG, suction, central oxygen capsule and so on.

CPR room: includes two CPR beds and is equipped with ventilator, electroshock, central and portable monitoring, oxygen capsules, suction, infusion pump, nebulizer, mobile pulse oximeter, trolley equipped with medicines and life-saving equipment for critically ill patients.

Section: Contains 10 units equipped with monitoring and one isolated unit, central oxygen, central suction. The section equipment also includes ECG devices, oxygen capsule suction, electroshock, infusion pump, and suction, Trolley equipped with medicines and life-saving equipment for patients.

With all these facilities and equipment, this complex is ready to receive outpatients and inpatients (including neurology, cardiopulmonary, internal medicine, surgery, admission of patients in need of special care using the best medical staff and the most modern equipment).


Hemodialysis Section
Hemodialysis section

Things done in this section:

  • Hemodialysis of chronic patients for free with special booklets
  • Hemodialysis of acute patients admitted to sections
  • Use OCM online program to evaluate the adequacy of dialysis


This section has a large number of radiant warmer, incubator, cut, radiator heater, intensive phototherapy, boiler, blood warmer, oxygen blender, ECG device, electroshock, electric milking machine, glucometer, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, fibrotic laryngoscope, bilirubin meter and ultrasound nebulizer.

Infants Section
Infants section

The existence of a free rest room for mothers in the section with all amenities is another special advantage of this complex.

Due to the high sensitivity of parents in obtaining peripheral blood vessels in infants, the possibility of using PICC line instead of normal venous lines, helps to reduce parental stress and with this method, intravenous infusion is not performed until the time of hospitalization in infants.

Pars Hospital In Rasht
Pars hospital in Rasht

Pars Hospital in Rasht is ready to accept premature or critically ill infants with respiratory and heart problems by using the best medical staff and the most advanced equipment at all hours of the day and night.


Angio Section
Angio section

The angio section includes the following:

  • Coronary arteries angiography
  • Coronary arteries angioplasty
  • Angiography and renal angioplasty, carotid artery, cerebral arteries, lower extremity
  • Close ASD and PDA
  • Installation of single-cavity, double-cavity, three-cavity and CRT pacemakers
  • Close the coil

This section is ready to accept MI patients as a primer.

Hematology and Oncology

Hematology And Oncology In Pars Hospital
Hematology and Oncology in Pars hospital

This section has a hood device that solves all the patients’ medications under the device.

Procedures performed include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, blood transfusions and biopsies, and bone marrow aspirations.

Section 3 Surgery

Section 3 Surgery
Section 3 Surgery

The following services are provided in this section:

  • Postpartum maternal care
  • Care after gynecological surgeries
  • Care after general surgery
  • Supervised care of pregnant mothers
  • Care of orthopedic surgeries

Para clinical sections

The hospital’s para clinical sections include a pharmacy, laboratory and pathology, dialysis, imaging and scoping.

Other sections

Other sections of Pars Hospital in Rasht include the following:

Parturition – Children – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – Birth Certificate – Infertility Treatment (IVF) – Post Angiography – Cardiac Intensive Care (CCU) – Cardiac Electrophysiology – Open Heart Surgery Intensive Care (ICU-OH) – Non-Invasive Cardiac – Endoscopy – Operating Rooms – Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – International Affairs.

Helicopter Landing Place In Pars Hospital
Helicopter landing place in Pars Hospital


What is the phone numbers of Pars Hospital?

013-33126172 and 013-33126165 and 013-34223

Where is the address of Pars hospital?

Shahid QoliPur blvd, Rasht city, Gilan province.

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