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Razi Hospital in Rasht city

Razi Hospital in Rasht city is one of the public and educational hospitals in Gilan province. Due to its advanced activities and equipment in the field of disease treatment, this hospital receives many patients every day.

One Of The Room Of Razi Hospital
One of the room of Razi Hospital

The various activities of Razi Hospital are summarized below:

Preclinical department

The activities of the Para clinical department include plasmapheresis, crusher, spirometry, radiotherapy, CT scan, laboratory, vascular laboratory, endoscopy, pathology.

Clinic in Razi Hospital in Rasht city

Includes treatment of patients in various fields of skin, glands, urology, blood, nephrology, lung, infectious, neurology and psychiatry, gastrointestinal, internal, surgery and vascular surgery, rheumatology, nutrition, psychology, radiotherapy, spine, heart and anesthesia, pain clinic and occupational medicine.

Razi Hospital also has different departments such as Surgery, Transplant, Dialysis, Nephrology, Hematology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Lung, Gastroenterology, Infectious, Skin, ICU, Respiratory Isolation, Emergency, Radiotherapy, CCU and Library.

Surgery room

Includes general surgery room and thorax as well as urology operating room.

What is the telephone number of Razi hospital?


Where is the address of Razi hospital?

Sardare Jangal Blvd, Rasht city, Gilan province.

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