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Zaras village


Khuzestan is one of the provinces of Iran whose extremely hot climate affects every traveler, but there are also places that have a completely different climate. Among them, we can mention the village of Zaras, which is located in the northeastern part of Khuzestan and is always mentioned as a paradise in this hot province.

This tourist village is located in a completely rural area in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains.

Zaras Village
Zaras village

You will see the most beautiful nature of this village in spring.

The route of this village is extremely beautiful, especially when there is fog on this road.

In this tourist village, there are places for the welfare of travelers so that they can spend some days in it. The people of this area have built these villas to make a living so that they can thrive their business by renting out these villas.


Having a beautiful lake with a different color next to the green and quiet areas and hearing the sound of birds will be a pleasure to experience it.

Calm Environment Of Lake Zaras
Calm environment of Lake Zaras

Entertainment in this village is boating on the lake and using a fishing hook for fishing. There are also boats in this place where you can sit and see around the lake.


In addition to the sights of Zaras village, we can also mention one of the waterfalls of this village, which is called Shivand.

Waterfall In Zaras Village
Waterfall in Zaras village

Along the way, you may encounter fruit trees that usually bear fruit in the winter.

Where is the address of Zaras Village?

If you are planning to travel to this village, it is better to look for the city of Dehdez, because this village is located 14 km away from this place and is located next to Karun 3.

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