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Ardabil chicken Tas Kebab

Ardabil chicken Tas Kebab is one of the delicious Iranian dishes that in the following, we will explain how to prepare it.

Ardabil Chicken Tas Kebab
Ardabil chicken Tas Kebab


Cut two large chicken breasts in half so that they can be seen inside the stew. Also, prepare four chicken thighs and some chicken extract.

Then we need olive oil, which takes about two tablespoons.

Two hundred grams of peeled and chopped garlic and two more garlic.

Fresh grated ginger about four cm.

A tablespoon of cumin powder.

A tablespoon of ground coriander seeds.

Two cinnamon sticks.

About 400 grams of ground walnuts.

About a tablespoon of honey.

A little saffron.


Use the following recipe to prepare Ardabil Chicken Tas Kebab:

Frying chicken

To prepare this dish, you need to flavor the chickens with the spices that you prepared in the beginning, namely cumin powder, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and so on. In this case, the taste goes into the chicken and will have a very good taste when eaten. Fry these chickens on a low flame with a little oil so that the chickens maintain their golden color.

Roasting garlic

Now fry the garlic that you have already chopped in a low flame in another pan. Add grated ginger as well. Just a few seconds later, you can pour the other spices into the same pan, stir, and increase the frying time to one minute.

Add chicken and walnuts

Now put the walnuts in this pan.

Add the pre-fried chicken to this pan to mix well with these ingredients and get their inner flavor.

Add water and honey

Now add honey.

You can also add a little water to hydrate.

Bake food in the oven

Observe the food, if it is boiling, you can continue the steps in the oven, and half an hour is enough to cook these chickens.

Then pour the chopped coriander on the Ardabil chicken Tas Kebab.

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