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Chakrood Valley


Traveling to green places is usually possible for everyone, but some places are spectacular and very beautiful that due to their conditions, it is not possible for everyone to travel there. For example, the valleys can be considered as an example of them. One of them is Chakrood Valley.

Chakrood Valley is a valley in the middle of which there is a river. There are also waterfalls. You can also use pools full of cool water throughout the area. The size of this enclosed space between the rivers is so large that being in this valley can create fear.

Chakrood Valley
Chakrood Valley

The waterfalls of this route are shorter than 5 meters and a waterfall can be seen in the sub-valley with a height of 30 meters.

There are different sounds in this valley. For example, the sound of crickets can be heard up close. In addition, there are large trees in the area. Trees that bear fruit and you can use their fruits. The silence that separates you from the noisy and crowded atmosphere of the city, you may have felt in less forest.

It is not easy to reach Chakrud region. It has a path that only people who are capable of rock climbing can access this place but it will be difficult for other people.

This valley is cool because there are waterfalls flowing from all sides that you need to cross. Some waterfalls are high and some are shorter.

Chakrood Valley In Iran
Chakrood valley in Iran

If you like to go in the water, there are lavers that look like pools.

Another hobby will be taking special pictures. Usually not many people are able to be here, so take as many pictures as you can and let your other friends know about such a place.

Keep in mind that this place is only for people who have a bit of experience in rock climbing and the tools are available for them; otherwise any kind of event is not unexpected.


Where is the address of Chakrood valley?

Chakrood Valley is located in Rahimaabad region of Gilan province. Rahimeabad is an area between Ramsar and Rudsar.

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