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Dough Pai stew

One of the most famous stews that is cooked in Zahedan city in Sistan and Baluchestan province is dough pai stew. This stew is also called Zahedani mince stew.

Dough Pai Stew
Dough Pai stew

Some people confuse this stew with minced meat at first glance, while this idea is wrong and there are many differences between these two foods in terms of taste.


We need about 300 grams of veal.

Clean the cotyledons and slightly soak in water. If you are going to prepare this food for six people, about a glass of cotyledons and if you are less, about half a glass of cotyledons is enough.

Chop a medium onion. You can chop it into small pieces or gems.

We need a tablespoon of tomato paste.

We need some local dough of Zahedan because the main taste of the food is this dough. Alternatively, you can use local or regular doughs.

You need about 2 tablespoons of oil.

Turmeric, salt, pepper and saffron in the required amount.


Use the following recipe to cook this food:

Roasting onions

Place the pan on the stove over a low flame. Pour a little oil and put the onions in it. Add a little turmeric when the onions are semi-cooked.

Roast the meat

Now you can put stewed meat in it. These meats must be fried to lose their original taste. After changing the color of the meat, you can reduce the flame so that it does not burn.

Add cotyledons

In the next step, to change the color of this mixture, you can add a little tomato paste, and you should also put the soaked cotyledons in the pan so that they become slightly cooked.

You may be wondering why we use roasted cotyledons instead of cooked cotyledons.

This is the initial stage of work. Because you still have to cook it. If it is cooked from the beginning and is not a little firm, there is a possibility that it will be crushed.

Add dough

In the next step, you need to add the dough. It is better to add dough when the meat is semi-cooked.

Add spices

In the final stages, you can add salt, pepper, turmeric as well as saffron to change the color and the main taste after a little boiling.

You can eat Dough pai with Kateh or rice and use fresh local vegetables.

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