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Eshpel cutlets

Eshpel is a caviar that is usually found in female fish and is one of the most delicious flavors along with Gilan food, especially kebabs. In this article, we want to introduce you to how to prepare Eshpel cutlets.

Eshpel Cutlets
Eshpel cutlets


A whole number of Eshpel or caviar that you can increase or decrease according to your needs.

Cutlet vegetables 100 g

Garlic three cloves

Four eggs

Onion a number of medium size

Salt, pepper and oil as needed

Eshpel cutlets Recipe

Wash the Eshpel

First you need to wash the Eshpel well. When washing, be sure to note that the separate tissue of the Eshpel is connected by a white layer, so you need to separate the white part to open these tissues. Then separate the Eshpel with a knife and divide it into different parts.

Prepare vegetables

Then clean and wash the cutlet vegetables. After disinfection, chop finely. Then cut the garlic into small pieces and then peel and chop the onion.

Add the eggs

Mix all these ingredients together and then break the egg inside. Stir the eggs until all the Eshpels are visible in all parts of the cutlet.

Cooking Cutlet

Place your pan on a low flame. Pour the oil and let a few minutes pass. When the frying pan is well heated, pour the Eshpel cutlet liquid in a circle in the frying pan.

Let it cook over a low flame on both sides of the Eshpel cutlet.

You can make cuts on your Eshpel cutlet and finally make the necessary decorations to serve it.

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