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Kaleh Joosh

Kaleh Joosh is one of the Isfahan food but it is also cooked in Urmia, Semnan and some other cities, but their cooking style is a little different. The cooking time is about 45 minutes.

Kaleh Joosh
Kaleh Joosh


Four hundred grams of minced meat

About 200 grams of curd

Fresh walnut kernels about 100 grams

Two chopped onions

About two tablespoons of flour

Dried mint

Five cups of water

A mixture of spices


In order to be able to prepare Kaleh Joosh, you need to prepare high quality curd because curd is one of the main ingredients of food and has a great impact on the taste of this food.

Kaleh Joosh can be cooked with meat or without meat, but it is better to eat it with bread and crush the bread inside it like a broth.

Roasting onions

In the beginning, you have to chop the onions and put them on a low flame with salt, pepper and turmeric until well cooked and golden. Now add the mint.

Add walnuts

You can make walnut kernels in very small or slightly larger sizes and Put them in the onion and mint. We should take walnut kernels off from the gas during the softening stage.

Add the meat

In the next step, you can make the minced meat into balls that are ready to be cooked. Of course, you need to put them in turmeric, salt and pepper before cooking to give it a good taste.

Add water and flour

Now pour five glasses of water into a pot and then add flour and stir. When this mixture is boiling, you can pour in the curd along with the spices you have.

Add other ingredients

In the last step, pour the mixture that you have prepared at the beginning, that is, the onion, the stir-fried meat, and the walnuts, into this pot.

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