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Kiashahr Forest Park in Gilan


Kiashahr Forest Park (or Kiashahr Port) is located on the Astana Ashrafieh city in Gilan province, which has beautiful nature and a wooden bridge. Every year a large number of travelers travel to this area.

Kiashahr Forest Park
Kiashahr Forest Park

Kiashahr Swamp

The presence of a swamp next to this forest park arouses the liking of every viewer.

Kiashahr Swamp
Kiashahr Swamp

Wooden bridge

Wooden bridge is one of the longest natural wooden bridges in Gilan that leads to the sea.

There are reed beds on both sides of the bridge that paint a green path in spring and summer and a gray path in autumn and winter. This route is decorated even for the night with full facilities that include a lighted route for travelers to visit this beautiful route during the night.

Wooden Bridge In Kiashahr
Wooden bridge in Kiashahr

Is it possible to set up a tent and stay in this park?

Yes, but with the tent family in the middle of the woods it is never recommended. Sometimes the police patrol the area.

Where is the address of Kiashahr forest park?

This place is located on the Astaneh Ashrafieh city in Gilan province.

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