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Northern stuffed fish

Fish is one of the most consumed seafood in Gilan province, especially white fish, which is one of the most famous fish in Gilan. In this article, we are going to teach you how to prepare northern stuffed fish.

Northern Stuffed Fish
Northern stuffed fish


One kilogram white fish

Walnuts 200 to 250 grams

Aromatic vegetables three tablespoons

One onion

Pomegranate paste, salt, pepper and turmeric with oil as needed

How to prepare northern stuffed fish

Prepare the fish

Clean the white fish first. Then rub salt and pepper on the inside and outside of the fish.

Add ingredients to fish

Now it’s time to prepare the ingredients for the inside of the fish’s belly. Chop the walnuts and grate the onions. Chop the walnuts and grate the onions.

Fill The Belly Of The Fish
Fill the belly of the fish

Then mix the pomegranate paste with the grated onions, local vegetables, a little salt and pepper and turmeric and stir well. These ingredients must be placed inside the fish.

Sew fish belly

When the mixture is completely inside the fish belly, it is time to sew the open part of the fish belly. Some people do this with floss and some with a toothpick, and after the fish is cooked, the toothpicks are removed from the fish’s belly.

Cooking fish

You can put the fish in the pan or in the oven. Putting it in the oven is usually a better option because the heat is transferred to all parts of the fish and cooked evenly, preventing a part of the fish skin from burning.

The fish should be wrapped in foil. You can grease the bottom of the tray or the bottom of the pan with a little oil.

It takes an hour or two for the stuffed fish to cook well.

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