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Roasted cheese

Roasted cheese is one of the Gilan province dishes that is very nutritious, is prepared quickly, and served with rice.

Roasted Cheese
Roasted cheese


Three tablespoons of fresh and dried dill

Four eggs

Two tablespoons of fresh garlic leaves

Breakfast cheese 200 grams

Turmeric in the required amount


Some cheeses have a salty taste, so if you plan to use these cheeses, it is better to put the cheese in plain water to remove some of the salt.

The cheeses should be crushed so that you do not have any problems during cooking.

Heating oil

First, add a little oil to the pan and let the oil heat up a bit.

Cook the cheese

Mix Ingredients like garlic leaves, breakfast cheese, dill and turmeric and finally add the eggs. This mixture should be cooked over a low flame and avoid cooking completely and thus drying it, because this food is consumed with rice, it should be placed on the plate with a slightly looser state than the dry state.

If you travel to Gilan and are familiar with the types of cheeses available in Gilan, you must have heard the name Khiki cheese by now. This cheese is much softer than hard and ordinary cheeses and is used in a special way for this food.

Khiki Cheese
Khiki cheese

Try to put lentil pilaf next to toasted cheese because these two are inseparable combinations on the table. Of course, if you do not have the necessary conditions to cook rice, you can eat this food empty and with bread.

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