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Sak potage

Sak potage is the name of a food that is mentioned in Golestan province as one of the most famous local dishes and is always present in celebrations and parties.

Sak Potage
Sak potage


Half a kilo of minced meat that has little fat.

Spinach, which is the main base of this Sak potage.

Pour a cup of rice flour into the water.

Cotyledon 150 grams.

150 grams of oil.

Four eggs.

Take about five tablespoons of the onions that you have previously chopped and fried. It is better to fry the onion at the same time, because in this case, it can give a good taste to the potage.

To make this potage sour, the best flavor is to use fresh verjuice. In addition, you should use salt, pepper and turmeric.

A little fried mint will be enough to decorate the potage.


Use the following recipe to cook this potage:

Prepare the cotyledons

First you need to slightly wet the cotyledons. These cotyledons have a lot of bloating, so you can pre-wet them and change the water several times. This change of water can prevent it from bloating. Now put the cotyledons in a little water to cook well.

Cook spinach and onions

Next time you can put the spinach in water to cook the spinach. Then you can put it together with the cotyledons to cook together.

In the next step, you have to put the onions in this mixture.

Add rice flour

Next you need to dilute the rice flour with water. The volume of water should be twice as much as rice flour. At this stage, the possibility of spoiling the potage is very high, because you have to stir as much as you can to prevent the flour from clumping and causing the food to settle.

Prepare the meat

The minced meat should be flavored with salt, pepper and turmeric and turned into balls. Now it is better to fry the meat in a little oil and finally add it to the potage.

Cooking potage

Now the sack potage needs time to cook well. In these steps, add the verjuice to the potage.

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