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Sardashi Kebab

Among the various methods we have for preparing kebabs, some kebabs are also known by their local names and are prepared in different ways. Hamedan Sardashi Kebab is one of those kebabs. Sardashi kebab is one of the kebabs that you can prepare in a short time.

Sardashi Kebab
Sardashi Kebab


Mutton about 400 grams

Three onions

Two potatoes

One tomato

Salt and pepper as needed


At first, you may confuse this kebab with a type of kebab called Kebab Tabeh, but this is not the case and it is a little different. The steps of cooking Sardashi kebab are such that it must be in the oven; otherwise, it cannot taste good.

Now it is time for one of the main techniques in preparing this kebab, which is a kind of very fragrant spice, but you will find this type of spice only in Hamedan, which is a kind of mint. In the local language, Hamedanians call it Marzanjoosh.

Grate the raw materials

You need to grate the raw materials at the beginning of the work. These ingredients will include onions and potatoes. Of course, to prevent excess water inside the grill, you need to take out the water in these two grated ingredients.

Mince the mutton but remember that this meat and grated ingredients must be mixed together.

Kneading the material

Now it is time to knead. We need to do this until the stickiness inside the meat and its internal materials is eliminated.

Add ingredients

Now spread the prepared meat inside the dish and put tomato and potato slices on it. In addition, to create the desired taste, you can use sweet pepper in a slice on it.


The temperature required to prepare the cold kebab should be around 140 degrees. So let this temperature build up and finally put your fireproof dish in it.

You need up to two hours to cook this food. If you increase the oven temperature, it is possible that the surface of the meat is cooked but it is raw inside. So let it cook slowly.

If you feel that the meat is low in fat, you can lower it and grease it with oil to prevent the meat from sticking to the fish.

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