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Shahmirzadi Tahchin

Shahmirzadi Tahchin is slightly different from ordinary Tahchin but have just as delicious taste. Tehchin Shahmirzadi is a delicious food that belongs to Semnan province.

Shahmirzadi Tahchin


First, you need to wash about five cups of rice. Pour this washed rice in water and let it soak a little. You can also add a few teaspoons of salt to this rice.

Put two cups of lentils in water. The reason for placing the ingredients in the water is to shorten the cooking time.

Prepare about half a kilogram of vegetables, clean, and wash it. Allow to dry and then chop.

In Shahmirzadi Tahchin, you should use lamb mantle, which about 750 grams will be enough. If you want it to be meatier, you can add a little meat, but keep in mind that it will change the original taste.

Take five beetroots, peel and wash.

Peel five small potatoes. Slice two of these potatoes.

Wash three Kohlrabi, peel and finally chop into slices.


Cut four small eggplants into slices and fry.

Roast two hundred and fifty grams of spinach. These spinach should be roasted with hot onions as well as powder prepared from sour grapes, which is the most important part.

Now for the plums, which are dried but you have to soak them. One hundred grams of these plums will be enough. You should thoroughly wash the plums to remove pebbles and internal sand.

Finally, prepare the ingredients needed to flavor a meal, such as salt, pepper, and turmeric.


Use the following recipe to cook this food:

Prepare lentils

Place the pre-soaked lentils with four cups of water and a pinch of salt until well cooked. You should look at lentils from time to time. Some of them will cook in a little time but others will need more time. Therefore, the cooking time will be different.

Cooking rice

Now pour the rice into the pot to prepare it for boiling. So pour as much water as the upper half and add a little salt to cook. Rice preparation time will be about 15 minutes.

This state of taking rice that is still half-cooked and cooked around it is called rinsing, therefore, there is no need for the rice to be fully cooked and turned into Kateh, because we need mixed rice to add ingredients in the next step. If the rice is fully cooked, it will be crushed during the addition of ingredients.

When the rice is in the final stages of cooking, you should put the vegetables with lentils in it so that the taste of these ingredients enters the rice. After a short time, you can drain the rice and finally pour a little cold water on it. Place this drained rice in a corner.

Cut the meat

Cut the straight meat evenly from the longitudinal part. Pour the desired ingredients such as turmeric and pepper on the cut part and the back part. Do this for both sides so that it is well impregnated with the material.

Add rice and meat

Take the pot in which you are going to cook Shahmirzadi Tahchin and pour the oil into it. Allow all parts to heat well over a gentle heat.

Pour the pre-prepared rice into the pot and then place the sliced meats on the next layer. These meats must be pre-cooked. Then add rice. Keep doing this until you reach the top of your pot. Pour the remaining ingredients on the top of Shahmirzadi Tahchin to fill it completely. Use the bottom of the spatula to make holes in it so that the heat penetrates evenly into all parts.

Bake Tahchin

Close the lid of the pot in which you poured the ingredients. About 10 minutes will be enough time to cook all the rice and its internal ingredients using the generated steam. When it reaches the cooking stage, set the heat to very low so that the rice does not burn.

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