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Shahroud cloud forest


There are beautiful natural areas in Semnan province, one of which is the Shahroud cloud forest Or Shahroud Abr forest.

When we talk about Semnan, we may think that this province is a dry and desert province with a sunny and warm climate. While this is a misconception.

Shahroud cloud forest is about 40 million years old. Forty million years that this nature has preserved its beauty, but when man finds his way to it, he can shorten this time and cause damage to it. The forest in this area is of the Hyrcanian type.

This forest has been registered as a natural heritage of Iran in UNESCO.

As the name implies, the Abr forest is where you will be at the top of the clouds. Flying over the clouds in this forest feels good, which means you will be really on top of the clouds when you are in that area.

Shahroud Cloud Forest
Shahroud cloud forest

The estimated area for this forest is about 35,000 hectares. Greenery is rippling in this forest. Reminds you of the forests of the north. This place is so valuable that it has reached the national register.

There are many sights waiting for you to walk through this forest. For example, you have to pass through one of the most famous cities of Shahroud called Bastam Gozar and finally reach your final destination.

People who like to do mountain hiking are advised to enjoy mountaineering in the Abr forest of Shahroud. Put your car downstream and walk the rest of the way. You can even bring a bike with you and enjoy it. If you start walking, you will definitely reach the main place in a few hours.

If you walk on your way, you will see many natural attractions that you will definitely miss because there is so much variety. For example, on the way you can see the hills and heights that are located in the heart of this Abr forest. There are also roads that are dirt on sunny days but will turn to mud if it rains a little. In addition, on your main route you can see springs that are full of water and there are waterfalls that flow from the heart of the mountain. The freshness that comes from throwing water drops from these springs on your face cannot be compared to anything.

In Shahroud cloud forest, plants that have healing properties in traditional medicine are found, especially in the upstream areas. Many plants grow in the mountains in this area. Therefore, people who are familiar with this science can also travel to the cloud forest to pick these plants. Be careful not to pick any plants.

Another sight that can be exemplified in the Abr forest of Shahroud is seeing special birds because a variety of birds come there all year round due to the climate in the Abr forest of Shahroud, so you will kill two birds with one stone. You can also visit nature, see plant species up close, and enjoy watching birds.

Alochal Waterfall

The waterfalls that exist in this direction can be called Shor shor waterfall as well as the famous Aluchal waterfall. In addition to these two waterfalls, you will see many small and large waterfalls on your way, but one of the best can be attributed to these two. Some routes are a little difficult to access, so if you cannot, do not enter them at all because they can harm your body.

In order to be able to see this waterfall with its length of a few meters, you have to go a little further than Azadshahr. If you ask the locals about the route to Abr village, they will give you a more accurate address. At the end of it, you will see a mountain in a village called Shirinabad, where this waterfall is located exactly.


Why this is called cloud forest?

Because the clouds are at the top of the forest and you are at the top of the clouds.

Is this Abr forest dangerous?

If you do not know the route, you may get lost in the winding road. There are thick clouds and fog on the road that you may not see properly. There are also wild animals in this forest.

Where is the address of Shahroud cloud forest?

This cloud forest is located 45 km north of Shahroud on the way from Shahroud to Azadshahr, after the traffic police, 12 km from Abr village.

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