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Shesh Andaz stew

Shesh Andaz stew is one of the delicious foods of Gilan province. This food is very easy and is prepared with few ingredients.

Shesh Andaz stew becomes ready quickly. Therefore, when you have little time for cooking, cooking this stew is the most suitable food for you.

Shesh Andaz Stew
Shesh Andaz stew

Ingredients for Shesh Andaz stew

Eggplants 4 to 5

Saffron one third of a measure

Walnut 200 to 300 grams

Pomegranate paste 2 to 3 tablespoons

Grated onion 1 to 2 medium

Grated garlic 1 tablespoon

Salt, pepper, turmeric and oil as needed

How to prepare this Shesh Andaz stew

Cooking eggplant

First, pour the oil in the frying pan and leave it to heat well. Then we put the already chopped eggplants in this oil.

Roast onions and walnuts

In the next step, we need in two separate containers in order to fry the onion in one of them and the ground walnut in the other with a little oil. Note that walnut should not be roasted for too long, as the original taste will be lost.

Roasting garlic

Next, we have to add garlic to the fried onions and pour them into walnuts and oil so that they taste good.

Add pomegranate paste and spices

Now we need to add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of pomegranate paste to this mixture. When it thickens a little, pour about 1 to 2 glasses of warm water into it and put it on a gentle flame to evaporate the excess water of the stew and increase its density.

Then add salt, turmeric and pepper.

Cooking stew

Finally add the fried eggplants and a tablespoon of saffron. After 5 to 10 minutes when well heated, the food is set and ready to serve.

You can use pickles and local vegetables along with the Shesh Andaz stew.

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