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Torsh Tareh stew

Everyone who hears the name of Torsh Tareh stew fills his mind with Gilan province, because he knows that such food with its original style and context is in Gilan as one of the most consumed foods on the table.

Most of the food in Gilan province is prepared from a variety of vegetables. For this reason, Gilani dishes are delicious, and this rule is used in Torsh Tareh stew.

Torsh Tareh Stew
Torsh Tareh stew

Ingredients for preparing Torsh Tareh stew

Spinach, leeks, parsley, coriander and mint in the required amount

Two or three eggs

Chopped garlic 1 or 2 tablespoons

Rice flour or rice as needed

Tomato paste 1 or 2 tablespoons

Verjuice, oil, salt, pepper and turmeric in the required amount

How to prepare Torsh Tareh stew

Cooking vegetables

First, pour the pre-prepared and cleaned vegetables into the pan or pot and let the vegetables cook slowly with the same water inside. Eventually, the vegetable water gradually runs out and dries.

Making stew ingredients

In a separate bowl, pour the rice flour with some verjuice along with salt, pepper and turmeric and stir well to make a thick liquid. Then pour these ingredients into the cooking vegetables and allow the ingredients to mix well.

If you want your stew to have a more sour taste, you can add more verjuice to it.

Add garlic

Ingredients that you have previously mixed and put on a low flame, it is boiling now. At this time, we must fry the garlic with a lot of oil. You may be wondering why we pour so much oil. The reason is that by frying garlic in oil, the taste of garlic goes into the oil and this oil is the same oil that will add the taste of garlic to the Torsh Tareh food well.

Add the eggs

In the next step, we have to break the eggs in a separate container and put them in a frying pan where the garlic is frying and roasting.

Cooking stew

Next, pour the cooked vegetables with the ingredients we want into this pan with the egg and garlic in it and mix gently.

Important points

There is a very important point about mint vegetables, and that is the amount of it in any food such as Torsh Tareh should be very low, because if it is in large quantities in the food, the taste will be bitter.

You can also use tomato paste in the composition of the food, but you should not use tomatoes instead because it gives the food an improper shape and taste. You can use turmeric or tomato paste to change the color of Torsh Tareh stew.

In some cases, the rice itself can be used instead of rice flour. For example, for one kilogram (About 2 Pounds) of Torsh Tareh vegetables, we need three spoons of rice, which we can put raw in the vegetables to cook with, or we can prepare it in a pre-cooked way and add it to the food composition.

Torsh Tareh stew is usually served with rice, local Kouli Shoor fish, local vegetables and radishes.

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