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Vavishka stew

Vavishka stew is served with rice. This food is available in most menus of local restaurants in Gilan province.

Vavishka Stew
Vavishka stew


Mutton or minced beef 250 grams

Two onions

One tomato

Tomato paste two tablespoons

Salt, pepper and turmeric as needed


To cook this stew, you can use the following recipe:

Prepare onions and tomatoes

To prepare this food, in the first step, you need to wash the large onions, remove the first skin and grate the onion. Also peel the tomatoes and grate them raw. Put onions and tomatoes in a separate bowl.

Cook minced meat

Now it’s time for the minced meat. As you know, one of the best ways to have healthy meat after purchase is to put it in the freezer for two days. So after leaving, let it get out of the frozen state. Now mix the minced meat and the onion well so that the taste and smell of onion penetrate into the meat.

Then put the gas flame on a gentle position to prevent the meat from frying too much. When the oil is hot, you can put this mixture in the pan.

Add spices

After changing the color of onions and meat, it is time to add salt, pepper, turmeric, as well as tomato paste and grated tomatoes.

Vavishka Stew
Vavishka stew


You have to wait a few minutes for the meat to cook well and change its taste. So let the food cook with a gentle gas flame.
You can change the taste of Vavishka stew. For example, use condiments such as verjuice or orange juice in this food.

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