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Zardak kebab

One of the delicious dishes that is cooked in Isfahan is Zardak Kebab.

Zardak kebab is known as kebab, but it is not really kebab and it is Shami that is prepared as kebab. Zardak kebab can be prepared both sweet and sour-sweet.


First, take four Zardak (Yellow carrots) and grate them finely.

Yellow Carrots
Yellow carrots

Then we need minced meat, which 250 grams will be enough.

Then grate an onion.

You need one egg.

Chickpea flour is used in the main composition of Zardak.

To be able to give the taste of sour-sweet to Zardak, you should use sugar which a quarter cup of sugar will be enough.

Then add a quarter glass of water.

You need some salt, pepper, turmeric and saffron.


In order to be able to knead the turmeric well, you can use a bowl because the ingredients you need for this purpose must be kneaded well in a bowl to combine well with each other. Then take a large bowl.

Prepare the meat

Take the minced meat and allow the ice to thaw at room temperature. Now you can add flavors like salt and pepper.

Then add the chopped Zardak and knead well.

Chickpea flour can harden the meat and the main ingredient of the food, so go through the steps of adding chickpea flour slowly so that the yeast does not harden. Stop working when you think the yeast is hardening.

Take the well-kneaded mixture, cut it to the size of a tangerine or a little smaller, and shape it with your hands. If the yeast does not remain in your hands and you cannot shape it, you have to put an egg in it and knead it again.

Frying ingredients

Now take the pan and put it on the heat. Always allow the oil in the frying pan to heat well before frying. Once the pan is hot, place the ingredients you made in a circle in the pan. Let them fry well.

Zardak Kebab
Zardak Kebab

Make syrup

You cannot eat Zardak kebab alone. For this purpose, you need to have juice next to it. Therefore, mix water and sugar in the same amount and let it reach a concentration on the heat. In this sugar, which is concentrated with water and turned into a syrup, you can add saffron so that in addition to changing its color, it also changes its taste.

If you do not like the turmeric kebab to have a sweet taste, you can add two tablespoons of vinegar to the prepared syrup.

Final tips

Kebabs should be removed from the oil when they reach the specific point in frying stage, because too much frying will cause your food to dry out. So let it come out of the container and stay on the cloth to remove the excess oil.

The kebabs are at the bottom of the dish, so you have to pour the prepared syrup on it. This syrup needs 45 minutes to penetrate well into the main composition. At this time, the kebab should be on heat so that the medium heat causes the kebab to flavor. The kebabs that are prepared in this way become juicy because nectar has penetrated inside them.

You can use vegetables like parsley to decorate the Zadak kebab in a bowl.

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