ATM and Credit card

US sanctions caused Iran not to have access to the international banking system, therefore, international credit cards like Visa, Master, etc. are totally useless in Iran. You have to use cash or Iranian debit cards in shops, public transportation, hotels and restaurants. Foreigners cannot have Iranian debit cards, unless they apply for Iran prepaid 7 Coin debit cards prior to their trip. According to what was said, make sure to plan your trip carefully before traveling to Iran and to have enough cash to pay for all costs of your trip. There would be few places to accept international credit cards in case you run out of money and they will certainly take a commission for their service.

Do not rely upon credit cards as there are very limited places to use them, due to the U.S. embargo on Iran which does not allow American businesses (incl. American Express, Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal, etc.) to operate in the Iran.

There are rare exceptions to this rule to access credit card systems.

International Credit Cards Are Very Limited In Iran
International Credit cards are very limited in Iran

How to pay money in Iran?

You can pay cash.

If you choose us as a guide, We will do all the payment for you.

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