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Baqela Wabij

When the growing season of local beans arrives in Iran, one of the common dishes in Gilan province is called Baqela Wabij. Very healthy and delicious food that is usually served with rice.

Baqela Wabij
Baqela Wabij


Local beans half a kilogram

Three cloves of local garlic

Local butter about 50 grams

Three eggs

Dried dill four tablespoons

One measure of water

Salt, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon and oil as needed


Use the following recipe to cook this food.

Peeling the beans

To prepare this food, try to use the fresh beans. Beans used to cook Baqela Wabij usually have two skin types. So first remove the first skin and then the second skin.

Cook beans and garlic

Beat the garlic cloves well with a meat grinder so that not a particle of it is felt under the tongue.

Now put the beans with the garlic and dill and a little butter on a low flame. Try to fry the beans with butter first, because then the taste of butter will be transferred to them. Then you can use turmeric with salt and cinnamon to change the color.

Add water

This food is sometimes eaten in a completely dry state, but in some cases a little juicy. So add a cup of water to fully cook the beans.

Cooking the food

Test the beans. If they are divided into two halves in the middle, it means that they are well cooked. In this case, it is time to add eggs. Wait a while for the eggs to turn from raw to cook in the Baqela Wabij. Then add the pepper to the food and stir gently.

After a while, your Baqela Wabij will be ready.

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