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Fesenjan stew

Fesenjan stew or Fesenjoon stew is one of the stews that is usually used in Iranian parties. This stew is prepared with chicken, duck or other poultry, and sometimes with mutton.

Fesenjan Stew
Fesenjan stew


A whole chicken

Walnut kernels 300 or 400 grams

Three tablespoons of sour or smooth pomegranate paste

Pepper and salt as needed


At first glance, you may need very few ingredients for this dish, but when you are ready to cook this dish, you will notice that each of these ingredients takes a long time to mix to make the stew delicious, therefore, it is a stew that for a lunch meal, you should prepare it in the morning so that Fesenjan stew, especially walnut kernels, are well oiled.

Cooking meat

Put the chicken with the pre-ground walnuts, as well as salt and pepper and a little water on a low flame to cook well. This is usually one of the longest periods of time for stew preparation.

Fesenjan Stew
Fesenjan stew

Pay attention to the chicken you use in the food. It should be undercooked, because if the meat is fully cooked, there may be a problem in the continuation of the work and the meat will be separated. So when it is half cooked, you should use pomegranate paste.

See walnut oil

Now you have to wait for the walnuts to make oil on the stew. Meanwhile, the water that you put in the pot to cook the meat usually evaporates to some extent and the stew will be a little firm and thick.

Stir the food

Be sure to stir the bottom every few minutes so that it cooks well and does not burn.

Add sugar

Fesenjan stew is almost sour, but not everyone enjoys this sourness. So you can add a little sugar to the stew at the end.

This stew is cooked in most provinces of Iran.

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