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Gijavash stew

Gijavash stew is the name of Gilani food which is usually consumed with rice. The name given to this stew is related to a special type of vegetable that is widely used in this local food.

Gijavash is a vegetable that is usually local and sold in local markets in north of Iran.

Gijavash Stew
Gijavash stew


Gijavash vegetables one kilogram

Garlic 5 whole cloves

3 whole eggs

A glass of water

Lemon powder, pepper, salt, turmeric and oil as needed


Use the following recipe to make this stew:

Cooking vegetables

To cook this stew, you must disinfect the vegetables well. After washing the vegetables, you should chop the vegetables. To flavor and fry the vegetables, it is better to fry them with butter first. Try to fry it semi-raw in the first step so that it will fry well in the next step.

Frying garlic

Now chop the garlic cloves and fry. Do this frying until the garlic turns golden.

Add spices

In the next step, mix lemon powder and other spices with eggs and pour over vegetables and garlic.

The taste of food

You can use green beans to taste the food. You can use green beans to taste the food.

If you like to taste this food in the traditional way, it is better not to use lemon powder when preparing it, because lemon powder can give a sour taste to the food and change the main taste of vegetables.

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