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Shark Pudding

Shark pudding is a local food belonging to Hormozgan province and southern Iran. This food is a little spicy.

This local dish can also be prepared with shark or other fish so choose and cook any fish that is available, but it is better to make it with the shark.

Shark Pudding
Shark Pudding


We need half a kilogram of shark meat. If you like, you can cook it as a fillet or whole.

We need two cups of chopped fish vegetables.

You can use ingredients such as dried lemon powder to flavor food. This powder will be enough for a teaspoon because if you consume more than this amount, it will give a bitter taste to your food.

If you want to give a pleasant color to the food, you should use a teaspoon of turmeric and two to three tablespoons of tomato paste.

Now use salt, pepper and other spices along with a little oil for frying.


Use the following recipe to make this dish.

Heating oil

First, wash the shark thoroughly.

Now you have to pour a little oil into the heating pan. You have to close the lid of this frying pan to keep its internal steam. In addition to its steaming cook, you can also prevent the smell from coming out.

Cooking vegetables

Now put the vegetables in the oil. Be careful not to overcook the vegetables. Turn the flame to low and let the vegetables cook for about three minutes.

Then pour the dried lemon into the pan. It takes about five minutes for these ingredients to blend perfectly.

Add the meat

Cut previously boiled sharks and in order to be flavored, they have to be in this combination. Of course, at this stage, you must also add turmeric to get the smell and change the color of fish meat.

Add spices

Add spices that include salt, pepper, turmeric and so on.

Then add the paste and stir for two minutes.

Now is the time to put out the flame under the gas. Pour the shark pudding into a bowl. The bottom of the plate should be relatively concave so that enough food is placed in it. After flattening, it is time to decorate it, which you can decorate with edible peppers.

Cook onions

Sometimes onion rings are placed on this food. These rings should be cooked so that you can use them on food in 15 minutes at the end of cooking, but how do these onions turn out that way?

You need to put the pieces of charcoal on the fire to heat it well. After dipping the inside and the surface of the onion in a little oil, you can put these hot coals on them. Now these charcoals should remain a little on the skin next to the shark material.

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