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Help to Solar Electricity of Bargadan Village

In line with its social responsibilities, Tour In Persia has supported the “Solar Electricity of Bargadan Village” project by the NazreTabiat Association.

Help To Solar Electricity Of Bargadan Village
Help to Solar Electricity of Bargadan Village

Bargadan is one of the villages of Bent district in Nikshahr city in Sistan and Baluchestan province, and the special feature of this place has caused the Nazr-e-Tabiat Association to install solar electricity.

This village, which has been considered due to its location in a special climate, to reach it, you have to travel twenty kilometers of impassable road by motorcycle or mule.

The occupation of the people of Bargadan and the surrounding villages is animal husbandary and because of the lack of roads, they are deprived of basic facilities such as water and electricity, after allocating two parts of the Irangard documentary series directed by Javad Qaraei, with the help of donors, the water problem was solved there, and this time the Nazr-e-Tabiat Association intends to install solar electricity there.

According to studies, this area has valuable animal species such as Persian leopards and Baluchistan black bears, which sometimes cause damage to livestock in the area, Nazr-e-Tabiat intends to take steps to reduce the existing conflicts along with the implementation of this project by creating culture and educating the local people about the correct treatment of wildlife. If, despite complying with the Nazr-e-Tabiat’s warnings, wildlife damage still occurs, it will compensate part of the damage.

The Irangard Association, led by Mr. Javad Qaraei, also seeks to empower the people of this village to attract tourists, which will reduce the exploitation and pressure of local people on nature.

Next to Bargadan village, there are seven other villages in the same way, and in the second phase, solar electricity will be installed there as well.

For Bargadan project, the amount of 22 million Tomans has been accepted with the help of the followers of Chabahargardi page under the management of Mr. Moslem Barakzai and the rest will be provided with the help of the members of Nazr-e-Tabiat Association.

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