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Iranian Foods and Snacks

Shesh Andaz stew

Shesh Andaz stew

Shesh Andaz stew is one of the delicious foods of Gilan province. This food is very easy and is prepared with few ingredients. Shesh Andaz stew becomes ready quickly. Therefore,…

Sirabij stew is Iranian food

Sirabij stew

Sirabij stew (in the local language of Gilani Sirvavij) is a stew that is very tasty and pleasant. This stew is cooked a lot when fresh garlic leaves are available…

Torsh Tareh stew is Iranian food

Torsh Tareh stew

Everyone who hears the name of Torsh Tareh stew fills his mind with Gilan province, because he knows that such food with its original style and context is in Gilan…

Kuee Kaka is iranian sweet

Kuee Kaka sweet

If you have not tried Kuee Kaka sweets, you have missed on this tasteful sweet. There are many types of Kaka sweets, one of which is Kuee Kaka. The delicious…

Yookhe Bread

Yookhe Bread

About Yookhe Bread Yookhe Bread (Yukheh Bread) of Shiraz or Kaak Bread of Kermanshah is a kind of traditional Iranian souvenir and sweet. As its name suggests, it belongs to…

Faloodeh is a traditional Iranian cold dessert

Faloodeh is a traditional Iranian cold dessert

Introduction One of the things that can attract the attention of tourists to a city or a specific region is traditional food. Faloodeh is also considered as one of the…