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Rudkhan Castle is a medieval brick and stone castle


25 km southwest of the city of Fuman, in the heart of forests full of beech, hornbeam, alder and oak trees, a strong fort stands out with about 2.6 hectares above the heights of Rudkhan village. A large and stable building called Rudkhan Castle or Qale Roodkhan.

The word Rudkhan stands for river and Rudkhan Castle means the castle that is located next to the river.

Rudkhan Castle In Gilan Province
Rudkhan Castle in Gilan Province

Rudkhan Castle in Gilan Province is a prominent example of a mountain castle. The characteristics of mountain castles include the existence of a fortress on top of the mountain and having two large towers on both sides of the entrance door and a number of small towers with irregular distances and steep slopes on which the castle is built.

Rudkhan Castle In Iran
Rudkhan Castle in Iran

This building was nationally registered in 1975 due to its unique architecture.

The path of this Castle

Rudkhan Castle is located in Gorab district after the environs of the central part of Fuman. Tourists and those interested in seeing the castle, after passing through the city of Fuman, will enter the breathtaking asphalt road of the castle to the south of the city. After passing the villages of Gasht, Kordmahleh, Gasht Rudkhan, Siah Kesh, Gorab Pas, Melskam, Saeed Abad and Rudkhan Castle, they reach the village of Hyderalat and after passing through this village, they walk the road to the forest park of Rudkhan Castle.

Castle Stairs
Castle stairs

From Rudkhan Castle village to Rudkhan Castle itself, there are very beautiful nature and many landscapes and they promise you a very pleasant climate. There are a variety of accommodations, pavilions and restaurants along the way, allowing tourists to enjoy the route more.

Rudkhan Castle with the locals

To the locals, this castle is also known as Rudkhan Castle or Qaleh Hezar Pele. The name of this castle is derived from its geographical location, next to this magnificent building, beautiful and roaring rivers are descending from the mountain.

Rudkhan Castle From The Top View
Rudkhan Castle from the top view

According to the excavations carried out in this building, 935 steps have been dug out of the ground along the walls and towers, which is why it is known as a thousand steps. The castle also has 52 towers and 1550-meter walls that follow the hilltops and heights of the mountains, has given a special beauty to this area.

Rudkhan Bazaar

On the way to the top of the castle and at the same entrance to Rudkhan Castle, an area similar to a small bazaar has been built, which is very eye-catching in terms of construction and architecture.

Rudkhan Bazaar
Rudkhan Bazaar

Everything you need on this long journey to the top of the mountain is provided in this bazaar. So you can stop there for a moment and drink a fresh tea and enjoy the pristine nature of the area at the same time. Now is the time for a long walk.

Local Clothes In Rudkhan Castle Market
Local clothes in Rudkhan Castle market

Castle entrance

At the entrance of Rudkhan Castle, a building very similar to Rudkhan Castle itself has been reconstructed at the top of the mountain, and this building was built for people who want to see inside this beautiful castle, but due to their disability, they cannot climb this thousand steps. In this fake castle, photos of different parts of the castle have been recorded, which will give you a real picture of it.

Rudkhan River

As you ascend the path built to climb the castle, you will see beautiful rivers next to you.

Rudkhan River
Rudkhan River

The water of this river is very white and clear and it is directed from the top of the mountain to the bottom, from the top of the rocks which are green (due to moss). The sound of this river is so loud that it does not allow you to listen to anything other than itself.

Parts of the castle

Due to being built on two peaks, Rudkhan Castle consists of three parts: middle, east and west.

The eastern part is built on a 670-meter hill and is built in the best possible way in terms of defense and is separated from the other parts by a gate. This building has two floors and has many rooms and corridors. The rooms are hexagonal. The roof of this building is round and made of bricks. The rooms of this beautiful building face the courtyard, which attracts the eyes of every viewer.

Rudkhan Castle In Fuman City
Rudkhan Castle in Fuman city

The courtyard of this structure is located as a public space in the middle of a semicircular building and will lead you to the other side of the castle with the breathtaking stairs that are located on its right side. Due to the shape of the building and the location of this building in the castle complex, it was probably also a place for senior officers to live.

The middle part, where the main gate is located, is at the lowest level of the castle.

The western part of the castle

The most important structure in the western part is located 200 meters from the entrance gate. It was the seat of the ruler or emperor of the castle in ancient times. This building is different from other parts of Rudkhan Castle in terms of shape and dimensions and it is made of two floors of brick, which unfortunately many parts of it have been destroyed.

After passing through another porch, it leads to a staircase on either side of it, to the upper and lower chambers of the emperor, which are octagonal on the inside and form a large semi-cylinder on the outside of the castle. This large building is located in the highest part of the castle and certainly had beautiful decorations, but today there is nothing left but a ruin.

How far is Rudkhan Castle from Tehran?

About 430 km.

When is the best time to visit this castle?

Spring and summer are the best times to visit this castle.

Where is the address of Rudkhan Castle?

25 km southwest of Fuman, Gilan province.

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