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Kaboudwall Waterfall


One of the tourist destinations that we suggest is Kaboudwall Waterfall in Aliabad-e Katul, which is located in the heart of Golestan province, and tourists from different places always travel to this place to see it.

Road Of Kaboudwall Waterfall In Golestan Province
Road of Kaboudwall Waterfall in Golestan Province

This waterfall is located in the heart of a mountain and on the greenery of vegetation. The waterfall flows in the form of the number eight on the mosses in a low mountain, which has created a pleasant climate around it.

Kaboudwall Waterfall In Golestan Province
Kaboudwall waterfall in Golestan Province

Kaboudwall Waterfall is one of the most unique waterfalls in Iran because it falls on mosses and therefore will always attract many tourists. Of course, to see such a beautiful waterfall, you need to impose hardship on your body and walk a short distance without a car and on foot, because this waterfall is located in a completely forested path where there is no possibility of vehicle traffic.

Kaboudwal Waterfall In Aliabad-E Katul
Kaboudwal waterfall in Aliabad-e Katul

One of the natural attractions on the way to this waterfall is the dam that you see next to you. It is an earthen dam and carries spring breezes. On the way to the waterfall, you will pass stairs that next to you will hear the sound of water flowing through large rocks.

The Route To Kaboudwal Waterfall
The route to Kaboudwal waterfall

These sounds create the best feeling in the heart of a forest valley. Signs have been used along the way to guide passengers.

Where is the address of Kaboudwall Waterfall?

This waterfall is located five kilometers southeast of Aliabad-e Katul city.

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