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Support the project of Making a trough in Reagan

In line with its social responsibilities, Tour In Persia has supported the project of “Making a trough for Reagan deer and mules” by the NazreTabit Association.

Support The Project Of Making A Trough For Reagan Deer And Mules
Support the project of Making a trough for Reagan deer and mules

The Shah Ziarat No-Hunting Area, located in Reagan County, 350 km southeast of Kerman, has plains that are home to unique species of wildlife.

Gonbaki plain is the chinkara of Jabir and wild birds such as bustard, sandgrouse, partridge and see-see partridge and hunting birds such as eagle, buzzard, falcon, night owl, Kestrel, etc. and Talkan plain is both the habitat of chinkara and one of the best habitats of deer.

Deer In Reagan Area
Deer in Reagan area

Due to the decrease in rainfall in recent years in some parts of the region, which is the main habitat of wildlife, many springs and water wells have dried up and groundwater levels have dropped. Wildlife have to walk several kilometers to get water and move from a safe area to an unsafe area, posing many dangers along the way, such as hunting and road accidents.

With the help of nature supporters, NazreTabiat Association intends to install two 5,000-liter water tanks in two places, and the dear guards will water them with a wheeled tanker to irrigate the wildlife.

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