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Southern Tah Andaz

The southern Tah Andaz is a type of rice with fish that is cooked in a special way. The southern Tah Andaz has its own fans especially in the south of Iran and in Bushehr province.

Southern Tah Andaz
Southern Tah Andaz

This food is similar in appearance to the Thahchin but has a completely different taste.


You need two fish. It is better to use Shir or Shurideh fish.

You need four cloves of garlic.

Prepare about 150 grams of coriander, 150 grams of fenugreek and 100 grams of dill and chop them completely.

Finely chop a large onion.

Take three tablespoons of tamarind and mix it in water.

You need two cups of rice.

You need about one cup of black-eyed-pea.

In the southern Tah Andaz, use dried lime powder and spices such as salt, red pepper, turmeric and curry spice to taste good.


Soak the rice for a few hours.

Prepare the fish

You must first clean the fish well.

After cleaning the fish, you can add lemon juice and salt to flavor the fish. The ingredients you put on the fish should be placed on them for at least half an hour to transfer their flavor.

These fish should be used with a full belly for the southern Tah Andaz. Therefore, to do this, you can make an incision in the belly of the fish. Try to cut well and be perfectly regular.

Prepare the beans

Beans should be soaked in water for about half a day or a day before eating. When you see bubbles on them, it means that you can get them out of the water. These beans need to be cooked. Once cooked, place them somewhere to continue your work.

Roast onions and garlic

At this stage, in order to make a tasty food, you have to chop the onions finely and fry them in a frying pan. When the onions turn golden, it indicates that the onions are ready for this dish and do not over-fry them. In addition, you need to pour the chopped garlic into this pan and mix. To cook the garlic, let it cook well and fry but not darken.

Add vegetables

In the next step, you can add chopped vegetables to the food. When these vegetables are in the food, they will change completely both in taste and aroma. To use vegetables in food, it is enough to heat them a little.

Add Tamarind

Now let us move on to tamarind. The use of tamarind in very small amounts is recommended. Dissolve the tamarind in water using the various spices mentioned earlier and stir well to combine these foods. When they are well mixed, you should put them on the heat.

Some people do not like the taste of tamarind, so you can use orange juice to sour the Southern Tah Andaz.

Fill the belly of the fish

Using the materials at your disposal, you can fill the inside of the fish’s belly and embroider it with thread. This sewing should be done in such a way that the material does not leak out of it. The thread you use should be fireproof so that it does not tear during cooking and the material inside the fish does not spill out.

Cooking fish

Usually, stuffed fish should be fried well using the heat. The fish must be cooked in a special way to change both their color and the bad smell of raw fish. Therefore, you need to pick up a container. Then pour a little flour and a little turmeric in this bowl. Put the fish in it and roll the fish well in this mixture. You must dry the stuffed fish very well to be put in the mix.

Now you can pour the oil in the pan and let it heat up and finally put the fish in it. If the fish is to be fried in a pot, you should carefully examine each side that is fried to prevent it from burning, because in this situation, the temperature does not reach all parts of it.

In order for the fish to cook well, they must be heated for about 20 minutes. Once you are sure the fish is cooked, you can put them in a bowl. Of course, try to do this slowly so as not to put pressure on the fish and tear them apart.

Cooking rice

Now you can brew the rice that you have already soaked and set it aside at the stage of draining. Finally, you can add dill and beans to this rice, which is in the state of drainage. Then mix these ingredients well in the rice.

To prepare the Southern Tah Andaz, the fish must be at the bottom of the pot. There is already oil in the bottom of this pot, so you do not need to add more oil.

Pour the drained rice over these fish.

If you want your Southern Tah Andaz to be in the same shape on a dish, you have to pour the rice a long way from the bottom of the pot to brew. In order for the fish to cook well, it is better to have it in pieces between the rice.

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