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Chaghartameh stew

Chicken is one of the main ingredients for preparing Gilan Chaghartameh stew. After that, the presence of onion in this food will bring with it a very pleasant aroma.

Chaghartameh Stew
Chaghartameh stew


A whole chicken

One large onion

Three eggs

Tomato paste, one tablespoon

Flour a tablespoon

Verjuice, pepper, salt, cinnamon, turmeric and oil as needed


Prepare the chicken

First, to prepare the Chaghartameh stew, the chicken needs to be fully cooked. Therefore, you have to put the chicken with one or two glasses of water and add salt, pepper and large onion as well as turmeric to cook well. The chicken should not be embedded in the Chaghartameh stew with the bones, so it is best to remove the bones after the chicken is cooked and finally square the chicken pieces with a knife.

Prepare The Chicken
Prepare the chicken

Cooking onions

The onion should not be boiled, you should cut the onion beforehand and fry it well, and then put it in this mixture for cooking. The presence of onion in water can greatly reduce the unpleasant smell of chicken.

Finally, you will have a delicious sauce containing chicken broth with onions. Cut this sauce into the size of a bowl or a glass.

Cooking chicken

Now it is time to fry. Heat your pans with oil, as well as turmeric, salt and pepper, over a low flame, then pour in the tomato paste. Meanwhile, add a little cinnamon to the mixture and stir a little. Now put your square chickens in this sauce to fry a little and the taste of the sauce penetrates into the chicken. Finally, add chicken broth to make your sauce more delicious.

Add the eggs

The sour taste of this sauce is very important that you can make the sauce sour with verjuice. Finally, mix the eggs together and pour over the chicken mixture with the sauce until cooked through. Be sure to use fried onions to decorate the food.

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