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Yakhmeh Torsh stew

Yakhmeh torsh is one of the delicious foods of Isfahan that you may have never heard the name of Yakhmeh torsh among the famous Isfahani dishes.

Yakhmeh Torsh
Yakhmeh torsh


First, you have to prepare a special plum for sweetening food called Barghani plum, which is about 30, is enough.

Then prepare two chopped apricots.

About 250 grams of mutton.

About a cup of rice.

We need half a cup of sugar, about a tablespoon of turmeric and a pinch of salt.


In sour ice stew, there should not be much water left in the food and finally all the ingredients together should be like Dizi Kubideh. First, you need to remove the plum kernels so that you do not have a problem eating.

Cooking meat

To prepare this stew, you need to put the meat with water on a gas flame to cook a little. The heat you need for this will be moderate.

Add a little turmeric to change the color of the meat and make it taste good and colorful.

Add apricots and prunes

Once you are sure that the meat is semi-cooked, you can put the apricots and plums that you have prepared in the said amount in this water. This will make both the plums cooked and the water in the stew delicious.

Add rice

Now add rice to this water. To flavor the stew, you must allow the heat of the flame to enter it and the excess water in it to be well absorbed. Therefore, when the stew is ready, you can see its appearance.

Add sugar

Now you can add sugar. After adding the sugar, put it on the flame a little. After a while, the food is ready.

People who cannot use sugar, it is recommended to use palm sap.

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