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Gilani sour cutlet

Gilani sour cutlet does not require special skills due to its easy cooking method, but to create a pleasant taste in sour cutlet, its cooking time has a very high value, so try to cook this food with a gentle flame.

Gilani Sour Cutlet
Gilani sour cutlet


Beef 500 grams

One medium onion

One egg for four people

Chopped parsley half a cup

Two potatoes

Half a glass of verjuice

Saffron, salt, pepper, and oil as needed


Use the following recipe to cook this food:

Cook the potatoes

First, you need to put the potatoes in water to cook. After the potatoes are cooked, peel them and grate them. Then wash the onion well and peel and chop it.

Add parsley and saffron

After that, you can finely chop the parsley and place it next to other ingredients.

Now it is time to pour some saffron into a small container or glass cup and wait for it to color.

Prepare the meat

Consider a container for mixing these ingredients. Now you can pour the meat into this dish and hold it well with your fingers. You can then pour the onions, parsley and potatoes into the meat and continue grabbing or kneading. Then break the egg in this material and stir well.

Your sour cutlet is ready. Now you can add verjuice as well as saffron, salt and pepper.

Cooking ingredients

Pour the oil into the frying pan and allow the oil to heat well. Now it is time to turn the cutlet into a circle and place them in the pan.

Sour Cutlet
Sour cutlet

You can also use your own tomato sauce or fried tomatoes to taste and change the color of this food.

Along with sour cutlet, the use of Sangak bread, local vegetables or local radish will help a lot to make this food attractive.

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