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Rashti Pela kebab

The method of preparing Rashti Pela kebab is more delicate than other kebabs, but it has a good taste. This kebab is one of the delicious kebabs of Gilan province.

Rashti Pela Kebab
Rashti Pela kebab


Lean meat from sheep thighs half a kilogram

One large onion

One serving of local rice per person

Olive oil, salt, lemon juice, pepper, turmeric, walnuts, local herbs, pomegranate juice as needed


Use the following recipe to make this kebab:

Prepare the sheep thighs

Sheep thighs, if fat-free, are delicious and harmless meats that are used in kebabs. Cut the lamb thighs into small pieces at regular intervals so that they fit nicely around the rice when eating. In addition, if the meat and its parts are of the same type, it takes the same amount of time to cook them and prevent them from being burned or uncooked.

To flavor the meat, you need to add a series of ingredients to the meat about twelve hours ago and put it in the fridge. Rashti Pela kebab is usually a kebab with a sour taste. To increase the taste of meat, you need to use ground walnuts with a little pomegranate juice and lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, turmeric, local and aromatic vegetables. These ingredients help to soften the meat.

Prepare vegetables

The vegetables that are used as aromatic vegetables in this kebab can be khalvash and chouchaq. These two types of vegetables give a good smell and taste to any food and preserve its original local taste.

Cooking rice

The meat for this kebab should be juicy so set the heat to low and allow the meats to cook slowly. Before cooking the kebabs, put your rice in a Kate mood. Usually, the rice used for Pela kebab is local and in small pots with a bottom of rice, and the kebabs are arranged in a circle around this rice.

Dessert for this food

Pela kebab is usually not eaten alone. Be sure to use olives, dried beans, raw onions, Eshpel cutlets, butter and strained yogurt. Only then you will not forget the real taste of a very tasty kebab.

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