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Qure Mosamma stew

The Qure Mosamma stew is usually not suitable for any taste due to its sour taste. Therefore, people who like this type of food can also use this old recipe to prepare this stew. This food is mostly cooked in northern Iran.

Qure Mosamma Stew
Qure Mosamma stew


Sour grape two gauge

One whole chicken

Garlic three cloves

One onion

5 tablespoons oil

Salt, pepper and turmeric as needed


Cooking chicken

To prepare the Qure Mosamma stew, it is necessary to first chop the chicken into different pieces and cook it well for a few minutes. Of course, the amount of boiling should be enough to prevent only it being raw. Then you can fry the chicken pieces in oil. Be careful that the chicken in the stew is not completely fried and only has a golden color on it.

Roasting onions

Then it is time for the onions, which you can chop and fry. It is better to fry the onion fresh with the chicken so that it can give the chicken a good taste. Continue frying for a few more minutes as it is time for the sour grapes and garlic.

Add water

After that, due to its stewing nature, it is necessary to put the juicy stew on the table. As a result, you have to pour the roasted ingredients in a separate pot and add a gauge of water to this mixture.

Qure Mosamma Stew
Qure Mosamma stew

Add spices

Now you can use spices such as salt, pepper and turmeric to give your food a better taste.

Cooking stew

Set the stove flame to low. This stew needs to be boiled on a low flame for about 30 or 40 minutes. When your stew is close to greasing, it will indicate that the stew is ready.

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