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Sour kebab

Sour kebab is called a meat kebab with a sour taste. Sour kebab is for Gilan province, but you may see this food in other northern provinces.

Sour Kebab
Sour kebab


Pomegranate paste about two tablespoons

Fifty grams of ground walnuts

Lean beef or sheep half a kilogram

Local chuchaq vegetables with two tablespoons of parsley

One large onion

Salt as needed


Use the following recipe to make this kebab.

Prepare the meat

The pieces of meat in the sour kebab should be of a size that is neither too big nor too small. So consider medium slices of meat. This meat needs to be placed in sour kebab special ingredients for a few hours to be flavored. So try to put the meat in a relatively large and hollow place.

It is better to do the work related to flavoring the meat the day before to make the kebab taste good. It takes at least one day for the meats to taste good. Some people like their grilled meat to be very soft and so-called like rice. To do this, in the winter add a little kiwi and in the summer a little fig for about an hour left to cook the kebabs in the mixture.

Add vegetables and walnuts

First, add the local vegetables, such as parsley, along with the chuchaq. Chop these vegetables into small pieces.
Put the pre-ground walnuts in this bowl.

Add salt

Do not add salt to your meat at the end. This will make the cooking time longer and the meat firmer. After the kebabs are cooked, you can sprinkle some salt on it.

Flavor the meat

Add the meat pieces to this mixture and let them sit well in the ingredients. Chop the onions and mix inside the ingredients. Finally add the pomegranate paste to it.

Cooking kebabs

Finally, grill the meat. It is better to make kebabs on coal.

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