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Shami kebab

You may have heard the name Shami many times, but Gilani Shami Kebab has a different taste due to the presence of special local vegetables that are specific to Gilan province in north of Iran.

Shami Kebab
Shami kebab


An average size of two onions and potatoes

Four eggs

Cotyledon 40 grams

Walnuts 50 grams

Local vegetables 200 g

Lean meat half a kilogram

Salt, pepper, turmeric and oil as needed


Use the following recipe to cook this Shami kebab.

Cooking meat

Meat used for Shami usually has a problem called not cooking in the middle. So to prevent this and also to eliminate possible fats in the meat, it is better to fill the pan with a little water. Chop an onion in this pan and fry it with your lean meat. After a while, you will notice a change in the color of the meat.

It takes about an hour for the meat to be fully cooked.

Add spices to meat

You can put the chopped potatoes and cotyledon in the water from the beginning so that they are slightly cooked.

Now it’s time to add salt, pepper and turmeric. These substances will be transferred to both meat and substances in water. Wait a while for the water inside the fish to evaporate.

Mince the meat

Now prepare a masher with a meat grinder. First, mash the meat with a meat grinder. Then grind the rest of the ingredients in the frying pan in a meat grinder. Eventually you get two mixtures. One is a combination of several ingredients and the other is just meat.

Mixing ingredients

Wash your hands and pick up a container. Then pour the meat with the onion, cotyledon and potato mixture and mix together. Then add local aromatic vegetables such as mint, leek, parsley, tarragon to this meat and finally add ground walnuts to it.

Then mix the egg with it and knead well.

Cooking Shami kebab

Heat the oil in the frying pan and spread the same pieces of meat in a circle in the middle of the frying pan.

Make a hole in the middle of the shami kebab so that the middle part is cooked well.

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