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Pumpkin stew

Pumpkin is one of the foods of the rainy days of autumn, but in Kermanshah province, there is a pumpkin stew. In this article, we will teach you how to prepare pumpkin stew.

Pumpkin Stew
Pumpkin stew


The meat should be appropriate for stew, i.e. cut into medium or small pieces. Its amount is about 300 grams

Pumpkin about one kilogram

Two medium onions

Bukhara sweet plum 100 grams

Salt, pepper, turmeric, oil, cinnamon and saffron as needed


Use the following recipe to cook this food:

Prepare plums and pumpkin

Before cooking, soak the plums in water for about half an hour to get wet.

Cut the pumpkin. These slices should be medium and it is better to avoid square pieces and cut them smaller.

Frying onions

In the next step, you can fry the onions. Place these onions on a low flame until golden brown and then add the sliced pumpkin to the onions. Let the pumpkin cook well and the raw smell will disappear.

Roast the meat

The next step is to roast the meat. It is better that the meat is not too fatty so that the stew does not have fat. Roast the meats with the onions until slightly cooked. Let the mixture rest on a low flame to prevent the meat from burning. It is better to do this in a pot to pour one to two glasses of water in the next step, into the meat for cooking and get juicy. This causes the stew to settle and have a suitable density bit by bit with low water and steam. It is necessary to add saffron at this stage.

Add plum and pumpkin

Now you have to put the soaked plums in the stew and add a little tomato paste.

Let the stew thicken. This time will be approximately two hours. In the last half hour, you can put the pumpkins in the stew water because if you do this very soon, it will crush the pumpkin pieces.

Add spices for Pumpkin stew

While cooking the stew, you can also add salt, pepper and turmeric to make the pumpkin stew taste better.

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